About Constituency:
Ward No. 132 Shastri Nagar- Kamla Raman Nagar is the ward from where Rais Shaikh has been elected as the Municipal Councillor. This ward comes under assembly constituency Mankhurd - Shivaji Nagar in Govandi. This ward falls under one of the Asia's biggest slum, Govandi. The population of the ward is around 1 lakhs. The population of assembly constituency is around 10 lakhs. This slum pocket faces problem of even the basic amenities such as sanitation, water contamination, water stagnation, malnourishment, etc.
The condition of the locality was below par level they are devoid of even the basic needs like water supply, people had to wait for hours standing in the queue just to get a bucket or two. There were many of those who were under the jaws of these dreadful tussles unable to do anything but wailing and struggling at their fate.
The roads were not properly constructed there were potholes which are the primary cause of water stagnation in monsoon season just adding fuel to the condition of the locality that was already miserable. The yard of Deonar turned into a dumping ground creating havoc and an issue for dwellers health and hygiene.
Education facilities was limited paving a wider scope for betterment and a lot was to be taken into consideration and worked upon to strengthen the Generation Next with education and information.
"Problems are countable as per the residents but their problem is on whom to count upon."
Rais Shaikh took the charge and turned the condition of the ward upside down with his perseverance and efforts. He took every possible measures required to change the miserable condition of the ward by considering and working on the faulty areas.
Rais Shaikh has carried out a commendable work in his ward to list a few of those:
  • Resolving water shortage problem not only in his ward, but in the entire Govandi area.
  • Maintenance and construction of dilapidated roads.
  • Repair and reconstruction of schools.
  • Opening of a modern diepensary run by BMC in Kamlaraman Nagar.
  • Construction of one of the tallest gate at Bainganwadi singal in the name of Hazrat Khawaja Garib Nawaz (R.A.).
  • Installation of latest Hywa semi compactors for better management of solid waste in the Ward.
  • Improvement of passage and lanes in the entire ward.